Improving lives. Improving your bottom line.

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Connect Healthcare Collaboration is a community of proven health plan solutions working together to improve lives and improve the bottom line for employers. The programs, services, and products offered through CHC have been vetted and validated to ensure the outcomes promised are the outcomes that will be delivered. CHC achieves a minimum of 20% total health plan reduction within the first year using this process, focusing first on the highest cost drivers within a health plan.

  • CHC is not a total wellness program. Our goal is not to offer more wholesale wellness programs, but to dig deep into the data and find those small percentage of plan members who are driving the bulk of the cost. Generally, those people need a different course of action than a traditional wellness platform offers.
  • CHC does not replace your broker. Often times, brokers and other consultants bring CHC in to help navigate deeper into the health plan than a traditional carrier does.
  • CHC does not intend to replace your existing benefits plan.  Rather, CHC complements what is already in place, allowing employers to offset the rising cost of total population health care by deploying a handful of unique solutions directed at the biggest areas of need for that particular employer.
  • CHC does put their fees at risk. It’s easy for a program to benchmark against itself and claim remarkable returns. Because our partners and programs have been taken to task by independent, third-party evaluation platforms, we can stand confident that we can deliver what we say we’ll deliver. So, if at any time, an employer is following the outline we’ve implemented and isn’t seeing the results we expect to see, they can ask for our fees back on the program.

Employers who turn to CHC can expect innovative solutions to be recommended, an implementation process to be developed, and a communication strategy to be deployed to ensure employee engagement.