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In this article, Kaiser takes a look at why the numbers related to COVID deaths may be understating what is really going on.  


April 3
Our friends at Quizzify have done it again.  Find out what you need to know about Chloroquine, the latest in the search for a treatment for Covid-19.  Read more on their blog.
You may feel like you are on Corona overload.  Alternatively, you may need to digest information morning, noon and night.  But what's true and what isn't?  That seems to change daily.  Our friends at Quizzify are working round the clock to make sure you and your employees get the good, the bad and the ugly.  We invite you to take their latest quiz "Busting the Myths Gobsmacking the Fads."

Connect Healthcare Collaboration is proud to partner with other organizations that believe transparency when selecting healthcare benefits providers is essential in making key purchasing decisions.  That's why we are happy to shine a light on the Validation Institute's Peer eXchange.



The AARP Foundation has just filed a lawsuit against Yale University, over a wellness program that puts $1300/year at stake for non-compliance.


CHC has been named among the endorsing partners who support ethical wellness.