When it comes to understanding employee benefits, marketing matters.

CHC is the marketing and sales engine powering the benefits innovation space. Our success hinges on our ability to coordinate and communicate across all vested parties - from vendor solutions to brokers and consultants, and ultimately the end user, the employee.

But, we're more than just a marketing firm.

Our four business lines address the full spectrum of educational marketing and communication within the benefits arena - from helping point solutions build their brand, to helping brokers identify and educate around solutions, and ultimately helping employers reach optimal employee engagement. We deliver with skillful communication and product knowledge, combined with a heavy dose of creativity and care. 

What we offer

From branding to employee engagement, CHC offers a comprehensive set of solutions to skyrocket awareness and ignite results.

Benefits Marketing

We provide an extensive range of marketing services tailored specifically for companies operating in the employee benefits industry. As an established and experienced organization with access to a broad audience, we know better than anyone how to give your company a foothold.

Enrollment and Onboarding

We go beyond open enrollment to help plan members make the best decisions for themselves and their families. With our expertise in the employee benefits arena and proven process for driving employee engagement, we ensure the right resources are utilized at the right time.
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Advocacy Services

Employees often navigate the healthcare maze alone. That's why we've assembled a team of highly-trained nurses who know the ins and outs of an employee's benefits plan. By providing support and personalized benefits guidance, our nurse advocacy empowers employees to stay on top of their health.

The Granite List

The Granite List is a trusted independent community for benefits leaders to compare vendors, leave reviews, and save vendors of interest and their downloadable materials. With our users comprising the full spectrum of players in the benefits arena, we are proud to be a space that fosters community and collaboration.

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What's new at CHC

Each week we publish content that helps benefits leaders stay ahead of the curve, from medical to comp and from DEI to talent retention.