Advocacy Services

Through advocacy, we deliver hope.

If you have a nurse in the family, they are likely your first call to guide you through any health issue. Wouldn't you want the same for all your plan members?
At CHC, we believe that advocacy is an invaluable tool for educating and engaging plan members. Our dedicated team gets to the core of employee health by navigating members to the best resources, resulting in lower health costs and, above all, happier employees. 
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Our core focus areas

  • Vendor Optimization
    Consultants and the HR team spend a tremendous amount of time identifying the right solutions to plug into the benefits plan. It is our job to make sure employees know about them and use them. We drive the utilization to optimize vendor success.

  • Prevention
    CHC works to ensure your plan members have all the necessary tools to keep them healthy and at work. We support the plan design to maximize appropriate guidance of care and stay ahead of health issues that could escalate.

  • Peace of Mind
    Advocacy allows employees to receive the care they need with reduced time away from work. Having access to a trusted resource lets plan members rest assured a clinical expert will walk alongside them in their and their family's health journey.​

Results worth talking about

Case Study: Vendor Optimization

50% Diabetes Program Increase

CHC advocacy increased utilization of diabetes management vendor from 18% of eligible members in January 2020 to 75% in mid-2022. Of those engaged members, over half maintain control of their of their diabetes, resulting in $90 savings/month per member.

56% Patient Assistance Drug Program Increase

CHC Advocacy increased vendor utilization by 56% in less than one year. The addition of a trusted nurse significantly increased members' willingness to follow advice from healthcare professionals.

200% Center of Excellence Program Increase

Armed with Wellnecity data, CHC Advocacy increased vendor awareness and referral conversion rate from 15% to 45%. Dozens obtained better care and/or avoided unnecessary care, saving plan money for redeployment.

What members are saying

"Lauren is amazing. She worked tirelessly around the clock checking on me, going over labs and reports, and finding specialist care ASAP. She goes above and beyond, gets personally invested in your care, and above all else you know that someone is looking out for you. Love that we have her!"

"Wow. My family was going through hell trying to get my mom her chemo medication. We were calling every day begging for insurance to approve her meds. My [HR contact] recommended I call nurse Sarah and she was so much help. She got it done for us and truly cared! Beyond grateful for all their help."

"Tiffany - you are my nurse, you have been the most helpful in the process. This is a weight off my heart, body and soul."
- from a member lost in a thirteen-month claims adjucation nightmare. Tiffany was able to help him the same day with a processed report and helped erase $73k in medical debt.
Why CHC?

CHC Care Navigation is fundamentally different than traditional advocacy. We catch at-risk members before an adverse health outcome or high -spend event.

Typical approach

Inbound, reactive, and scripted - answering member questions, but little identification of medical needs or clinical guidance.

Our approach

Inbound + outbound, and personal - based on claims data triggers that flag potential medical needs, e.g. "rising risk" members.

Typical approach

Largely covers benefit-related questions, e.g. "How much is left on my deductible?," "What if I see an an out-of-network provider?"

Our approach

Clinical coaching and guidance from a licensed nurse, tailored to member's condition and lasting through a full episode of care.

Typical approach

Often only loosely connected or disconnected from employer-specific programs and solutions.

Our approach

Drives utilization of employee-specific programs and solutions.

Typical approach

Outreach, if any, typically limited to members who have already incurred high costs- too late in the care cycle to improve outcome.

Our approach

Outreach before a high-cost event, encourage preventative care, faciliate education of health issues and adherence to treatment.

Typical approach

General corporate marketing informing members to call in.

Our approach

Customized marketing integrated with corporate culture to drive engagement.

Case study: ROI

We know ROI is important. We also know that our longevity within an organization hinges on transparency. That's why we take great effort to document all our outreach and intake interactions by time spent and conversion category.
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